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Skagit SuperStarts!™

Our SuperStarts!™ program includes the finest selection of perennials and annuals, sold primarily through horticultural brokers and our own sales force. Brokers can handle all aspects of your orders from shipping to plant culture, and are kept up-to-date on our current availability.


We ship our SuperStarts to all states in the US and all the Canadian provinces. Shipping may be by Skagit Gardens truck, Amtrak, air, FedEx or other common carrier. Where appropriate, we Tipper-Tie-Net™ the trays to hold the plants in their cells before placing them in their nicely designed, moisture-proof boxes.

Ranging in size from 288- to 32-cell liners, our plugs are ideal for growing on. We start your plants by seed, cuttings, root division or tissue culture. Since we also produce starter plants for our own finished production, we know from experience what a grower needs. We sell over 6 million perennials annually and offer a large selection of standard and new varieties.

We are dedicated to providing strong, healthy plants, whether old varieties or new, shipped efficiently and backed by outstanding customer service.

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