Best Practices

We strive to maintain our position as an industry leader by incorporating new technologies with good, old-fashioned, personal service. At the same time, we seek to preserve the health of our employees, customers, crops and our environment by use of Best Management practices.

We all take pride in our use of Integrated Pest Management, our water- and energy-use reduction and our recycling efforts. We seek to preserve our mutual health and the quality of our environment.

Our growers use three automatic seeding machines, robotic transplanter and watering equipment, and high intensity discharge (HID) supplemental lighting to provide you with quality plants. Our own maintenance department has developed much of the equipment we use for planting and moving our crops.

Stock Renewal Program: Our highest priority is to provide strong and healthy plants to our customers. We renew both annual and perennial stock regularly, and maintain clean stock houses of certified virus-free plants. Our well-established Integrated Pest Management program, regular testing for virus and disease problems, and stringent sanitation protocols in our propagation areas ensure that we provide some of the best-quality plant material available. Many of our vendors provide us with tissue culture and virus-indexed plants.