Skagit Horticulture’s Agriculture Division Celebrates 1 Year Anniversary

Skagit Horticulture’s fledging Agriculture division celebrates its first full year of operation, successfully propagating and selling hops field transplants to area growers. Located in Mabton, WA, in the heart of the Yakima Valley, the division is ideally situated for growing hops and grapes, as well as small fruit and nut trees. A state-of-the art tissue culture lab will be completed by year end, allowing endless potential for the company to diversify its offerings.

Jerrin Victor, General Manager of the Mabton facility, is particularly enthusiastic about the addition of the lab. With years of experience and expertise in tissue culture production and plant breeding, Jerrin is excited about the potential for large-scale agriculture production. “This new tissue culture lab will allow us to replicate clean stock at a rapid rate, making it possible to quickly scale our production outputs, and reduce the time it takes to get desired genetics to market,” says Jerrin. The lab will allow for sterile production, as well as virus testing and screening.

Joining Jerrin in celebrating the anniversary is Debbie Thorne, Sales and Business Development Manager for the Ag division. Debbie is busy making contacts in multiple agricultural segments. “It is rewarding to see the benefits farmers achieve when using diseasefree liners.” She often travels with Arnaldo Pineda, Field Technician for the Ag division. Arnaldo will act as a liaison between the team in Mabton and the farmers receiving plants; he will also be directly involved in designing and developing product forms optimized for field planting.

Skagit Horticulture anticipates this is the first of many celebrations for its promising Agriculture division.

Skagit Horticulture Successfully Merges Two Companies

On January 1st, 2017, Northwest Horticulture and Skagit Gardens successfully merged as one company, Skagit Horticulture, LLC. The new name represents the legacies of both companies: quality and diversity of product, unique market focus, strong facilities, deep relationships with developers and breeders, combined with talented and passionate employees.

Under the Skagit Horticulture umbrella, Skagit Gardens will continue to serve the independent garden center (IGC) segment. Northwest Horticulture will focus on the home store segment, and Etera will serve the commercial green roof industry. The young plant (plug) divisions will operate under the name Skagit Horticulture.

The combined company now operates greenhouse, container yards and open field production on four locations, including Western Washington, Eastern Washington and California. These unique climates offer a greater opportunity to propagate and grow plants where they perform best, and allow for opportunities to diversify product offerings.

“The merger of two recognized Northwest producers provides unique opportunities for us, and for our customers. We all are looking forward confidently toward a bright future”, said Mark Buchholz, president of the company.